Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Suvi-Vintage 2013

Suvi-Vintage 2013

As you may remember from my last post, last weekend was Suvi-Vintage, a two-day vintage fair extravaganza organized by Fintage and Tallipiha. I was there, decked out in my full vintage splendour selling vintage at the Fintage stand and generally spreading an air of vintage glamour wherever I went (la-di-da).

Saturday started off in chaos, as usual. I was running late and and all the hectic running around at home made me sweat and before I knew it, my hair, which was still wound up on hot sticks at this point, was wet. Argh! this meant trying to blow dry it dry before styling it. And have you ever tried putting make up on a sweaty face? Well, don't. Then I had to pack the car: two huge bags of vintage to sell, a bag of hangers, two clothes racks, one shoe rack, one suitcase (I was staying the night at a friends in Tampere) and two boxes of vintage stocking. Then I couldn't find my curling iron (to be used the following morning). Right, so off we went. And turned right back, because I had forgotten my hat, gloves and feather duster (more on that later). Still forgot my gloves. In the car I noticed my stocking had a huge run. Great. Got to Tampere and was promptly told off for arriving late. I helped set up the stand and had a rummage through the boxes of stocking and managed to find one seamed pair in the right size and colour, so crisis averted. Then I noticed I had lost one of the original fifties buttons on the front of my dress (the Hubby later found it in the car). Phew!

vintage stocking run

A few deep breaths and a chocolate doughnut later, I was feeling composed again and had a look around at the sellers and of course all the fantastic vintage outfits everyone was wearing.

50's dress fifties cotton dress hat Suvi-Vintage 2013
Vintage sandwich. Between two lovelies, Marianne and Leea.

50's fifties cotton dress hat pearls
Hat found at vintage fair in London, vintage 50's dress bought in Facebook group, modern jewellery. Pic by Taru.

I don't really need a new bag...Pic by Taru.

Even more temptations. Pic by Taru.

Suvi-Vintage 2013
Fintage stand

Two very stylish Swedes, Karin and Sandra.
Marianne with a very stylish gent.

In the evening it was time for burlesque at Teerenpeli in the form of Vintage Vixens organized by Olivia Rouge. A fantastic show. And I might have gotten a bit tipsy. After the club, we withdrew to the tasteful home of two of my dearest friends for chess, wine and intelligent conversations.

50's red cotton dress pearls shoes housewife Suvi-Vintage 2013
Vintage 50's dress bought on the day, vintage leather bag and shoes from Etsy.

Sunday started in the form of rehearsals for the Fintage fashion show. Fintage has organized a fashion show at all of its events and they have become very popular. This time yours truly was also modelling. I was showing the outfit of a 1950's housewife, complete with pink apron and feather duster. At the end of my bit, the presenter said that my outfit was completed with a tulle petticoat and seamed stockings. So I have the crowd a little peek.

50's housewife shirtwaist dress cotton turquoise pink apron duster Suvi-Vintage 2013
"The outfit is completed by a tulle petticoat and seamed stockings" Pic by Taru.

Suvi-Vintage Fintage fashion show 2013
Fintage fashion show. Pic by Taru

Because of the sunny weather, sunday was very busy and with the fashion show as well I forgot to take a photo of my outfit. This one was taken by a friend and I look like a complete berk.

Mmm, excellent....Hat bought on the day, dress from dress swap, bag Etsy. Pic by Taru.

My main mission for the weekend was to sell as much of my vintage cull as possible and not buy a huge amount. I'm rather proud of myself as I showed restraint and only bought the dress and a bag on day one and a hat and a pair of earrings on day two. I had a lovely time, had a chat and a giggle with old friends and made several new ones (and then chatted and giggled with them as well).

vintage 50's white hat red bag earrings
'Coz I need more bags, hats and earrings...


  1. A chocolate doughnut always saves the day!

    You look lovely in all your outfits :)

    1. Thank you! You looked gorgeous as well. And your hair! To die for!

  2. Omg what an awesome awesome day! You look so pretty in every pic and I love goofy shots hehee Love your blog btw-LOVE! hehe xox


    1. Thank you, Bunny! Glad you like my blog, yours isn't bad either (Adorable!)