Saturday, 13 July 2013

Restauranta 2013

Today was the second day of the two-day event in Kangasala known as Restauranta or RR. It is what we call a "rompetori" or junk market. Junk markets started off as open-air buy/sell events for vintage car parts. The sellers also brought in other things they found lying around in their garage and slowly junk markets began selling everything from basic flea market stuff such as clothes, toys and housewares to old china, books and other collectibles. Oh yeah, and car parts.

Restauranta 2013 nisuvivu

Restauranta 2013

Many sellers still come to empty out their wardrobes and garages selling things for one or two euros. Then there are the "pros" who tour the country's junk markets the whole summer and their stuff isn't priced to sell, if you catch my drift. Restauranta is the oldest and biggest of all Finnish junk market events. There are hundreds of sellers and thousands of visitors.

Our vintage association, Fintage had a stand there now for the second time. We didn't sell that much, but it was good PR and all in all a fun experience (again).

Fintage Restauranta 2013

As you might have guessed, I made a few purchases.

Restauranta 2013

The big yellow thing in the middle is a Ufox 2S humidifier. This we actually really needed as one of the two humidifiers, we were using last winter, broke. The air gets terribly dry in the winter and this causes Hubby nose bleeds and everyone else to have stuffy noses. This is a vintage item as the Ufox 2S has now been replaced by the Ufox 3S. It's probably from the 70's or 80's. Ufox humidifiers have been available for over thirty years and were first only available in two colours; green and yellow. Over the years it has been made in various colours including yellow, dark green, red, grey and black. Now they are only available in white. The colours may have changed but the shape and basic design has stayed the same. No Finnish bedroom is complete without one...

Ufox 2 S keltainen yellow

I found a darling apron for only 50 cents. I really like the fabric. It has a stain near the pocket (coffee maybe) which I will try to remove, but hey, all this cuteness for just 50 cents!

1950's pink apron cotton novelty kitchen

I actually went back to get this tin. It was a bit more expensive than I would normally pay for a tin of any kind but I just had to have it. It's just so 50's with the plants and the teapots and, as I suspected, it looks very much at home in our kitchen.

1950's tea tin british mod century pink

I had spent a long time looking for the perfect coffee/tea pot and now I finally found it! It's old, it wasn't too expensive and it's just the right size. It's by Arabia and was made between 1917 and 1927. The fact that it has a chip on the rim makes me like it even more. No perfect china in my house!

Arabia U-leima 1917 19527  OL kannu kaadin tea coffee pot kukka siirtokuva

This basket caught my eye for some reason. It was cute and cheap so I bought it. The fabric pouch is probably rayon and maybe 40's or 50's. Love the fans!

basket 1940's 1950's rayon fan

1940's 1950's rayon fan

The pyjama is probably 70's judging by the stylized bird pattern; I don't really know. The fabric is lovely, it has a rayon-y feel, slubby and soft.

I wouldn't say I collect vintage magazines, but I do tend to pick them up from all over the place. This time I bought two womens magazines: Me Naiset from 1957 and Eeva from 1963. I don't normally buy magazines this recent but the couture feature was amazing! And the hair and makeup styles in the ads are unbelievable.

I also bought a men's magazine: Kalle from 1954. It has articles and pin-up style pictures with the occasional nipple. Kalle can still be bought at news stands today, although the contents is now hard-core. I mean, that's what I've heard. Not that I have ever looked. No, sir!

1950's pin up magazine men's porn

Then I also bought a full slip to add to my collection and a 60's suit. It's a light blue and I'm not sure it's my colour. Blues are a bit tricky on me, get the shade a bit wrong and I look like I have jaundice. Anyway I have to make some adjustments to the jacket as well. I know it's supposed to be boxy but I just can't do boxy. It makes me look matronly, portly even.

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