Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tiffany Blue Bedroom

I had a touch of writers block with this post so finishing it took a while. About a month ago I repainted our bedroom because I wasn't happy with the colour it was. It was a kind of grey/brown colour. I mean it was OK, I suppose. It gave the room a sort of, umh, sleepy feel. (See, writers block, told you.) But now that both boys are sleeping in their own rooms, I wanted it to become an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic and cluttered home.

So this was what I started with: brown with a pink accent wall behind the bed. I don't know what I was thinking. I like bright colours and a turquoise blue was an ideal choice for the bedroom. I suppose it took me this long because I read somewhere that blue was the most popular colour choice for bedrooms and I didn't want to be one of the herd, so to speak.

dressing table vanity vintage blue mirror perfume jewellery lucite

I love my bedroom. Sorry, I mean mine and Hubby's bedroom. It is the only room in the house we are keeping a completely toy-free zone. It's a room for relaxing, for getting away from it all. No mess, no toys, no TV or computer. It is the place where I apply my make-up and get dressed.

vintage books shelf pinup fashion history

My bookshelf with light bedtime reading...

vintage jewellery rack necklace bracelet dressing gown nylon 50's 40's

Jewellery racks made by darling hubby.

vintage dressing table vanity mirror seat jewellery bird

Here's another before and after.  I really like the way the blue makes all the other colours pop.

vintage bedroom makeover turquoise blue bright ikea mirrored frame croched bedspread

I still have one problem, though. What to do with the wall behind the bed? I've been toying with the idea of a wallpapered accent wall, but that's gotten a bit old. A narrow shelf would be nice, you know the kind you can prop small pictures on...hmmmh, I don't know.


  1. The new colours of your bedroom look great! The room looks much warmer and brighter :)

    Ahh, I wish I could paint these boring white walls of our appt, but I don't think the landlord would appreciate it much :D

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with the results too. Not being able to paint the walls is, maybe, one of the worst aspects of renting a place...I remember the apartemt Hubby and I rented in our student days had a bedroom with dark green and pink wallpaper