Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I did on my Holidays

A few days after the buffalo we, that is to say Hubby, Junior, Peanut and I, went to the nearby "big city" of Tampere and did the touristy thing. The Hubby and I have this tradition of visiting a place in Finland for a day every summer and couldn't at first think of a suitable place. It needed to be close by as Peanut isn't one for long drives. He won't sleep in the car, you see. So Tampere was an easy choice. We started off at Sorsapuisto (duck park) and had lots of fun looking at the different birds on display.

Tampere balcony flowers architechture roses
A beautiful balcony photographed from the Erkkilän silta bridge

Then we went to Tammelan tori market and had some sandwiches. After that we continued to the Tampere Cathedral. The cathedral is famous for its frescoes, painted by the symbolist Hugo Simberg between 1905 and 1906. It's absolutely stunning.

Tampere cathedral altar Simberg
The altar

Tampere cathedral fresco Simberg garden of death skull
The Garden of Death
Tampere cathedral 50's cotton dress red bag vintage
Outside the cathedral. I'm wearing a vintage 50's dress bought from a friend and the red bag was a find from Suvi-Vintage.

Then it was over the Tammerkoski rapids via the Patosilta bridge and to Keskustori square for some ice creams. After the ice-creams it was already noon and nap time, so we headed home. All in all a lovely summer day.

Patosilta love padlocks Tampere
Love padlocks on the Patosilta bridge

Tampere view patosilta bridge padlocks
View from the Patosilta bridge

Tampere Laikunlava stage 50's vintage dress cotton
Performing the "T-Rex song" with Junior on Laikunlava stage


  1. Darn, that dress really fits you! Its almost scary to see someone who can wear exactly similar dresses as I did in her age...

    1. Thanks! It really is a lovely dress and very easy to wear.