Monday, 12 August 2013

One Sunny Weekend

About a week ago we went to a junk market held in Loimaa, Loimaan Rompepäivät. It is quite an old event as Loimaa has hosted a junk market for the past 20 years. This is a somewhat different junk market as it is held in the city of Loimaa, with some of the streets closed off instead of, say, a large field. I found some bits and bobs including this paper package with what seems to be the front of a pattern envelope attached to it...

vintage 40's 50's pattern nightgown package paper string

I also found a HUGE picture for the boys' room. I saw it and bought it straight away. I had to leave with the seller until we were ready to leave. As I was walking away, I realised that it might be too big to fit in our car. That was such a "woman" thing to do, buying something first and thinking about the logistics later. I phoned Hubby, who had gone ahead of me and explained that I had bought something very large...but the colours, turquoise, red and yellow are my favourites and the old F1 cars are so right for the boys! The picture was actually made by gluing and varnishing a piece of fabric on chip board and then adding a frame. I've found out that the fabric is by Finnish manufacturer Tampella. Anyway, the picture fit, just.

Tampella kangas fabric formula cars autot
Just look at those colours!

I also found a very pretty mirrored dressing table tray. A bit more pricey than my usual finds, but I mean come on, how could I not buy it?

dressing table tray mirrored engraved Anna

dressing table tray mirrored engraved Anna perfumes candy poupee femme prada


On Sunday we headed for Forssan Pick-Nick. A truly massive vintage car event in held in Forssa's Pilvenmäki horse track for the 31st time. With 2 500 cars in the show area, hundreds of motorcycles and 30 000 visitors in one day, it's the biggest one day car show in Northern Europe. Oh yes, and it also has a junk market. Didn't really find much there though, apart from a lovely pair of earrings.

50's vintage dress tropical cotton sun pin parrot sea hat Forssan pick nick 2013
Vintage 50's cotton dress bought from friend. Red sandals from Facebook group. Necklace 60's vintage bought from friend. Bracelet, hat and bag modern.

50's vintage dress tropical cotton sun sea rhinestones shell earring Forssan Pick-Nick
Found these gorgeous screw back shell earrings from the junk market.

It's really a day for the whole family to hang out, meet friends, see cool cars and, yes, even have a picnic. This year was, again, a bit of a half-arsed affair as we only took Peanut along and hopped into Hubby's father's car at a nearby petrol station. We saw nice cars, but didn't have a picnic. And didn't see any friends. Sigh. But next year we are going for the whole day, all of us, and we're taking either Bessie or my vintage Volvo. And I'm going to make dates with friends so I don't miss them in the crowd. An we're having a picnic, dammit.

Forssan pick nick 2013

Forssan pick nick 2013

Forssan pick nick 2013 1965 Oldsmobile 98 blue
Our ride for the afternoon: a 1965 Oldsmobile 98

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