Sunday, 13 March 2016

It's a Start!

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see. Another year has passed without any blog posts. Shame on me. I will try to do better. Anyway, must start again somewhere and that somewhere is a quick look at some of the things I bought at Vapriikki Vintage 2016. I know, I know, it was two months ago, but like I said, I have to start somewhere.

First of all, jewellery:

vintage jewellery jewelry AB aurora borealis earrings necklace brooch wood plastic 40s 50s 60s Ibero lucite screwback clip ring

Top left are a couple of plastic brooches and a metal sweater guard in the shape of two hats. All of these were actually given to me by a friend. I'm especially pleased with the pink flamingo! Top right is an absolutely insanely huge cocktail ring bought from the lovely Leena at Vintage Garden. The  four lower pairs of earrings in the lower right picture I also bought from Leena. The top ones I bought from a friend. I have a wedding coming up this spring and I was thinking of wearing the cocktail ring and the aurora borealis earrings as they sort of match. I also have a brooch with pink AB stones, so I can really pile on the bling!

All of the wooden jewellery in the lower right picture are from one seller. The jewellery is Aarikka-inspired and was made by Ibero. There are two brooches, two pairs of huge dangly earrings and a rather unusual double necklace; I have no idea what to wear it with apart from the fail-safe all black outfit.

Then I bought these two darling dresses:

mid 50s nylon floral vintage dress lilac pink roses
early 60s cotton vintage dress black pink cerise roses green leaves floral Kaisu Heikkilä

The first one is fluffy nylon and is home-made and from the mid-50s, I'd say. The second one is cotton and by Kaisu Heikkilä, early 60s. It seems practically unworn. And look at those colours! 

early 60s cotton vintage dress black pink cerise roses green leaves floral Kaisu Heikkilä

Now, you may ask "why are there no outfit photos with these two dresses?" and I'll tell you why: they don't fit (yet). Yes, I have been piling on the pounds this last year thanks to the eh fatso -diet, rich in chocolate and fatty carbs. Normally, I never buy dresses I can't fit into, but I keep telling myself these dresses will fit me once I shed this fat suit I'm currently still wearing. I hope. Fingers crossed.

I did manage to take one outfit photo on day two of Vapriikki Vintage (silly me forgot to take one on the first day, oops).

outfit vintage red corduroy late 50s pencil dress 40s black leather heels shoes

Corduroy dress - late 50s vintage
Black pumps - late 40s vintage

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