Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Fabulous Pink Kitchen

vintage 50's housewife apron pink kitchen baking dress red high heels turquoise

A little while back I finally got around to doing something I had been planning for ages: paint the kitchen cupboards pink. And didn't it turn out fantastic! I have been thinking of having a vintage-inspired pink tea party...

The original plan was to paint the entire cupboard door pink, but that would have meant taking them of the cabinets and taking them to the garage and then painting first one side and after it had dries the other and it became an overwhelming and very daunting task. But then I thought, hey, why not just paint the middle bit. And so I did.

Ikea kitchen pink vintage
This is how it looked before.

The doors are made of painted MDF and therefore didn't need to be sanded or primed in any particular way. I just gave them a thorough wipe down using a rag and a surface washing liquid specifically designed for the job.

vintage pink kitchen 50's florida tray Pihlgren Ritola Tapettitalo Kihlaruusu

I also took the opportunity to completely get rid of the door above the stove so that the spice shelves could be used for display. I also lined the shelves with leftovers from the Pihlgren & Ritola wallpaper from the opposite wall. It's called "Kihlaruusu", BTW.

vintage fifities kitchen pihlgren ritola tapettitalo Kihlaruusu

I also put up some valances I sewed from Marimekko's "Kippis"-fabric. It has a lovely mid-century feel, even though it was designed by Maria Louekari in 2008.

Vintage kitchen 50's mid-century valance Louekari marimekko kippis

Vintage kitchen pink valance marimekko louekari kippis mid-century

Marimekko has been creeping in to my decorating schemes more often now that my taste has slightly moved away from the mid-fifties and gone towards the later fifties/early sixties and mid-century modern. I find that the simpler patterns and bolder colours suit my taste better.

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