Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Le Outfit Post

vintage 50's 30's skirt Evil Dressmaker

 Beret - Accessorize
Jacket - H&M
Stockings - Gio
Shoes - Mekka

Last Sunday was dreary (again). So I decided to perk myself up with a fabulous outfit (again). I assembled it around my most recent acquisition: the "Louise" skirt by Evil Dressmaker. I paired it with some lace-up shoes and beret which made the whole outfit look a bit French (at least according to Hubby).

The skirt been made with an original 1950's German pattern and has a sort of 30's feel to it.

vintage 50's 30's skirt pattern Evil Dressmaker
Picture by Evil Dressmaker
vintage 50's 30's skirt Evil Dressmaker

It has some adorable details such as the pleated kick pleat at the front and the gingerbread edge by the button holes.

But wait, there was something else as well. I have been getting some gorgeous items in the post recently.
(I know that makes it sound as though I didn't go on a shopping spree, which is exactly what I want Hubby to think, so shh!)

50's vintage red shoes, red purse bag, black petticoat slip, stockings romance shaper

Everything is 50's vintage, except for the corselette, which is a repro by Stockings and Romance bought from Joanna's Wardrobe. You'll probably be seeing the dress, the shoes and the handbag in action at some point; the underwear maybe not. Or who knows...

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  1. Toy trucks are an item to be mentione ditself: they are Finnish classics themselves!