Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Comeback

I'm back! I'm sorry my second post took so long but I've been rather busy. Firstly I've been ill a lot. Secondly I've been working. Yes, me, working. Translating for money! Earning a living! And thirdly, and this pains me to admit it, I have been trying to get in to shape again. That means cutting out most carbs (read: changing my whole diet) and *cringe* exercising. I have made a lot of progress considering I've had to take longish breaks due to illness. I don't know how much I've lost in kilogrammes as I don't own a bathroom scale, but I've lost at least an inch from my strategical measurements and gained some muscle. Hooray!

The reason I'm now finding time for writing is, that Junior started going to kindergarten three days a week and most importantly, Peanut has started sleeping through the night. Thank heavens for that. He's now a year old and crawling furiously, picking up every little crumb off the floor like a little brown-haired Dustbuster. It must be this activity during the day coupled with the fact that the milk bar (i.e. me) is now sleeping in another room. But the main thing is he's SLEEPING.

Now, before you ask, no, I'm not writing this at night. I'm writing at a time when I would normally be having my mid-morning nap I used to take to make up for the lost sleep. So it seems I now have time on my hands. Well not really, I just like writing more than I do housework. Speaking of writing, the Hubby and I have started a blog about our car restoration project: Big Blue Bessie. Yes, we named the car Bessie. She's  a 1955 Buick Century Riviera 2-door hardtop. And boy does she need some work.

What vintage related stuff have I been up to in the past few months? Not much really. I've been so busy I haven't had time to go to flea markets or sew. This of course means I haven't made any market finds lately either. Also because the few times I have been to flea markets, I haven't found anything worth buying. It's been a dry couple of months. Hopefully now that spring is finally coming, people will start clearing their attics and garages of old stuff and some of it might end up being bought by me. Fingers crossed!

I also bought these super-cool jeans from Freddie's of Pinewood. Really flattering on a vintage figure. I teamed them with a red raglan-sleeved blouse by Vivien of Holloway and these Converse All stars I got from the Hubby last Mother's Day. I wore this outfit to one of my rare solo flea market tours.

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  1. Ooh, only discovered your blog just now,
    looking forward to reading your new posts already!

    Happy blogging xo